Governor Ivey Releases Statements Following Successful Special Session

Governor Ivey Releases Statements Following Successful Special Session

MONTGOMERY – Governor Kay Ivey on Thursday commended the Alabama Legislature for their successful Special Session.

Governor Ivey released the following statement upon signing legislation appropriating Alabama’s $1.06 billion in American Rescue Plan Act Funds:

“I commend the Alabama Legislature for, once again, answering the call to invest these one-time funds wisely to make improvements in Alabamians’ quality of life, including water, sewer and broadband expansion projects, as well as health care. Alabama can now look to a future of greater promise thanks to the steps we have taken this week to invest these funds wisely.” – Governor Kay Ivey

Governor Kay Ivey issued the following statement upon signing Act appropriating funds to pay off debt to Alabama Trust Fund:

“Eleven years ago during more challenging economic times, the state made a pledge to repay $437 million borrowed from the Alabama Trust Fund in order to bolster the General Fund. Last week, I called upon the Alabama Legislature to finally pay back the remainder of these borrowed funds, noting that unlike D.C., we pay our debts. Today, I am pleased to report that lawmakers have responded to my call by swiftly passing legislation appropriating the final $59,997,772 payment due to the Alabama Trust Fund. This is responsible stewardship of the people’s money and a fitting start to a historic Session. I am proud to sign this Act restoring the Alabama Trust Fund.” – Governor Kay Ivey

A photo of Governor Ivey signing today’s bills is attached.