Office of the Governor of Alabama

State Statistics

Lowest Unemployment in State History
$49 Billion +
New Capital Investment
87,000 +
Good-Paying Jobs Created
2 Million +
Most people employed in state history

The Office of Alabama Governor Kay Ivey

Governor Kay Ivey, who became the 54th Governor of Alabama in 2017, is committed to raising the quality of life for all Alabamians. A native of Camden in Wilcox County, she embarked on a career of public service to benefit her fellow Alabamians. During her time as governor, Alabama has seen record high employment and its lowest jobless rate. Her focus on economic development has attracted over $42 Billion + in New Capital Investment and 78,000 + Good-Paying Jobs. She is committed to offering economic development opportunities to rural Alabama and the metro regions alike. With the same level of passion, she is leading Alabama toward a more prosperous future through infrastructure investments and an improved education system.

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