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Public Records

Flight Logs

4th Quarter 202047k
3rd Quarter 202045k
2nd Quarter 202069k
1st Quarter 2020101k
4th Quarter 2019129k
3rd Quarter 201982k
2nd Quarter 2019135k
1st Quarter 2019107k
4th Quarter 201873k
3rd Quarter 201879k
2nd Quarter 2018504k
1st Quarter 2018348k
4th Quarter 2017222k
3rd Quarter 2017156k
2nd Quarter 2017145k
1st Quarter 2017149k

Contingency Fund

February 202196k
January 202193k
December 2020100k
November 202096k
October 202096k
September 202095k
August 202092k
July 202094k
June 202094k
May 202092k
April 202098k
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