Office of the Governor of Alabama


Thank you for your interest in being considered for a gubernatorial appointment by Governor Kay Ivey. The Appointments Office supports Governor Ivey in meeting her major obligation to appoint qualified, representative, and appropriate people to positions on regulatory and licensing boards and commissions, university boards of trustees, advisory boards, and task forces. We are continually looking for qualified candidates to serve on 450+ boards and commissions that make decisions affecting the day-to-day lives of Alabamians.

View available vacancies below:

2020 Board and Commission Vacancies Listed Alphabetically

2020 Board and Commission Vacancies Listed By Month

2020 Board and Commission Vacancies Dependent On Date Of Senate Confirmation


To be considered for a board vacancy, please fill out one of the applications below.  Please be sure to sign the last page of the application and attach your resume.

Gubernatorial Appointment Application

Gubernatorial Appointment Application for Judicial Positions

Applications can be submitted via email to  If you prefer, you may submit your application and resume by mail to the following address:


Governor Kay Ivey

Attn: Nathan Lindsay

600 Dexter Avenue

Montgomery, AL 36130


Please bear in mind that Governor Ivey is often statutorily required to select appointees from a list of various association-nominated candidates. The Governor’s Appointments Office makes every effort to ensure that the membership of statewide boards is inclusive and reflective of the racial, gender, geographic, urban/rural, and economic diversity of the state.


CONFIDENTIALITY DISCLAIMER: All materials submitted to the Governor’s Office as part of an appointment application could be considered public records disclosable to the public upon request. Information may be considered confidential, however, in certain limited circumstances—e.g., if its disclosure would result in undue harm or embarrassment to an individual. If you believe this application calls for the submission of any information that requires confidentiality, please contact our office prior to submission.