Office of the Governor of Alabama

Executive Office


Marilyn Taylor

Executive Assistant to the Governor

Lee Sellers

Director of Special Projects

Terri Trotman

Special Assistant For Administration and Purchasing Manager

Chief of Staff


Liz Filmore

Chief of Staff

Donna Newman

Executive Assistant to the Chief of Staff

Deputy Chiefs of Staff


Nathan Lindsay

Deputy Chief of Staff

Brooks McClendon

Deputy Chief of Staff

Legal Office


Will Parker

General Counsel

Reid Harris

Deputy General Counsel

Zack Wilson

Deputy General Counsel

Sarah Telofski

Deputy General Counsel

Pam Chesnutt

Special Assistant to the General Counsel

Stacey Smith

Extradition Coordinator & Contracts Officer

Communications Office


Gina Maiola

Communications Director

Mike Lewis

Deputy Communications Director

Alyssa Turner

Creative Content Manager & Confidential Assistant

Hal Yeager

Director of Photography

Legislative Affairs Office


Drew Harrell

Director of Legislative Affairs

Brennan Johnson

Senate Liaison

Parker Harris

House Liaison

Michele Brown

Recording Secretary

Constituent Services Office


Pam Bye

Director of Constituent Services

Anne Williams

Constituent Services Specialist

Anna Jordan

Constituent Services Policy Correspondent

Hunt Scott

Constituent Services Policy Correspondent

Scheduling Office


Avery McCutcheon

Director of Scheduling & Special Assistant to Appointments

Request Appearance

Appointments Office


Mason Bass

Director of Appointments

Avery McCutcheon

Director of Scheduling & Special Assistant to Appointments

Policy Office


Casey Rogers

External Affairs Director

David White

Senior Policy Advisor

Nick Moore

Education Policy Advisor & Coordinator Governor’s Office of Education & Workforce Transformation

Mary Kate Hillis

Policy Advisor, Governor's Office for Education and Workforce Transformation

John Gilchrist

Policy Analyst, Governor’s Office for Education and Workforce Transformation

Denson Clark

Policy Advisor

Administration Office


Cheryl Fondon

Director of Administration

Cleve Hightower

Executive Branch IT Administrator

Accounting Office


Becca Crawford

Chief Fiscal Officer

Chas White

Fiscal Operations Assistant

Governor's Mansion


Matthew Morgan

Executive Director - Governor's Mansion Authority

Jennifer Bricken

Director of Governor's Mansion Tours & Events Assistant