Governor Ivey Signs Six Bills, Solidifies Alabama as Most Pro-Military State

Governor Ivey Signs Six Bills, Solidifies Alabama as Most Pro-Military State
Governor Kay Ivey attended the arrival of Alabama National Guard soldiers returning from overseas deployment May 9, 2018 in Birmingham, Ala. (Governor's Office, Hal Yeager)

MONTGOMERY – Governor Kay Ivey on Tuesday signed six bills aimed at making Alabama even more military-friendly. Those bills include Senate Bills 28, 99, 116, 119, 141 and 167.

“Alabama is the most pro-military state in the nation, and I am proud to put my signature on a series of legislation aimed at ensuring that we are even more military-friendly,” said Governor Ivey. “I commend the work by the Military Stability Commission, chaired by Lieutenant Governor Ainsworth, as well as the members of the Alabama Legislature for passing these important bills.”

SB116, sponsored by Sen. Tom Whatley and Rep. Debbie Wood, will ease the process of a military family locating to Alabama. It allows children of active military members moving to Alabama to enroll in local public schools remotely, without having to be physically present in the state.

Three bills, SB99 by Sen. Andrew Jones and Rep. Kenneth Paschal, SB167 by Sen. Shay Shelnutt and Rep. Dickie Drake and SB141 by Sen. Tom Butler and Rep. Parker Moore are all aimed at making it easier for military families to find work upon relocating to Alabama. Each of the bills allows for greater flexibility in occupational licensing for military spouses.

SB28, sponsored by Sen. Butler and Rep. Andy Whitt, would create the Space National Guard within the Alabama National Guard if the federal government creates the Space National Guard.

Finally, SB119, sponsored by Sen. Will Barfoot and Rep. Dickie Drake, will aid a military family in the most unfortunate of times. It expands scholarships provided under the Alabama G.I. and Dependents’ Educational Benefit Act to include in-state and private two-and four-year colleges.

These bills were recommended by the Alabama Military Stability Commission, which is chaired by Lieutenant Governor Will Ainsworth.

“The men and women from across Alabama who serve on the Military Stability Commission understand the important role that our bases and other infrastructure play in keeping the state’s economy strong and jobs growing,” said Lieutenant Governor Ainsworth. “The bills that the Legislature passed and Governor Ivey signed into law will assist our mission of making Alabama the nation’s friendliest and most welcoming state for active service members, military veterans and their families.”