Governor Ivey Issues Statement Following Severe Weather Impact

MONTGOMERY – Governor Kay Ivey on Tuesday, following the round of severe weather that impacted portions of Alabama, issued the following statement:

“This morning, I began the process of calling local leaders who were affected by last night’s storm. I join the community of Town Creek in grieving the loss of a husband and wife. While most of us slept through the storm, a family is waking up today devastated. I will be praying for their family and the community, and I offer any assistance from the state that is available as they start the process of rebuilding.

“I urge everyone to remember those who were affected, whether it be those who have lost family members, those who were injured or those who lost their homes. We must support our neighbors during the days to come and remind them they are not alone. I also want to thank Alabama’s first responders who were out in the middle of the storm, risking their own lives, to protect and aid their fellow Alabamians.”