Governor Ivey Makes Statement on Southwest Alabama Regional Airport Approval

MONTGOMERY – Governor Kay Ivey on Wednesday issued the following statement celebrating the Southwest Alabama Regional Airport approval.

“It is always encouraging to see rural areas in our state take bold, giant steps and I congratulate Senator Richard Shelby and Mayor Sheldon Day for their work in getting the Southwest Alabama Regional Airport approved by the FAA.

“Projects like this take a long time, a lot of patience and even more persistence. My Administration is totally focused on helping rural Alabama compete whether it is in infrastructure, broadband or economic development, and we’ve recently seen several major developments come to rural Alabama. 

“Special thanks to Senator Shelby and our Federal Delegation for their help. As one who grew up in Alabama’s Black Belt, helping our rural areas is top priority of mine.  I’m especially grateful for the leadership of Dr. John Eagerton, chief of the Aeronautics Bureau, at the Alabama Department of Transportation. John has been working for years to help Alabama’s airports and he worked tirelessly on this project as well.”