Governor Ivey’s Statement on Christopher Lee Price Execution

MONTGOMERY – Christopher Lee Price has been executed for the 1991 murder of 57-year-old Pastor Bill Lynn. After being notified that Mr. Price’s sentence had been carried out, Governor Kay Ivey released the following statement:
“Ensuring the safety of the people who call Alabama home is of the highest priority. When that safety is infringed upon, we must respond with punishment. Almost 30 years ago, a heinous and cruel act not only broke the laws of our state; that act of Christopher Lee Price took a life. Alabama does not and will not ever stand for that.
“On the evening of December 22, 1991, Pastor Lynn was at home with his wife, preparing Christmas gifts for their grandchildren. It was that night that Mr. Price brutally took the life of Pastor Lynn and robbed and beat Mrs. Lynn.
“After careful consideration of the horrendous nature of the crime, the jury’s decision and all factors surrounding the case, the state of Alabama carried out Mr. Price’s sentence this evening. Finally, the loved ones of Pastor Lynn can feel at ease knowing that justice has been administered. I pray that, after all these years later, his family can feel a sense of peace and comfort.”