Governor Ivey Issues Statement on Michael Brandon Samra Execution

MONTGOMERY – Michael Brandon Samra has been executed for participating in the 1997 quadruple murder of Randy Duke, Dedra Mims Hunt and the six and seven-year-old daughters, Chelisa and Chelsea. After being notified that Mr. Samra’s sentence had been carried out, Governor Kay Ivey released the following statement:
“For more than 20 years, the loved ones of Randy, Dedra and the two young daughters Chelisa and Chelsea have mourned an unbearable and unimaginable loss. Four lives were brutally taken far too soon because of the malicious, intentional and planned-out murders by Michael Brandon Samra.
“Alabama will not stand for the loss of life in our state, and with this heinous crime, we must respond with punishment. These four victims deserved a future, and Mr. Samra took that opportunity away from them and did so with no sense of remorse. This evening justice has been delivered to the loved ones of these victims, and it signals that Alabama does not tolerate murderous acts of any nature.
“After careful consideration of the horrendous nature of the crime, the jury’s decision and all factors surrounding the case, the state of Alabama carried out Mr. Samra’s sentence this evening. Although this can never recover the lives lost, I pray that their loved ones can finally find a sense of peace.”