Governor Ivey’s Statement on Domineque Ray Execution

MONTGOMERY – Domineque Ray has been executed for the 1995 murder of 15-year-old Tiffany Harville. After being notified that Mr. Ray’s sentence had been carried out, Governor Kay Ivey released the following statement:
“It is my duty as the Governor of Alabama to uphold the laws of our state. A role I hold with much reverence is ensuring that justice is done, by both the victims and the convicted. Due to the nature of his crime, the decision of a jury to condemn him to death and because our legal system has worked as designed, Mr. Ray’s sentence was carried out.
“Mr. Ray was convicted by a jury of his peers of killing Tiffany Harville after taking her from the safety of her home. Courts at every level have upheld Mr. Ray’s conviction for his senseless act. Accordingly, the laws of this state have been carried out. It is my prayer that, with tonight’s events, the Miss Harville’s family can finally have closure.”