Governor Ivey Announces Important Changes to Staff

MONTGOMERY — Governor Kay Ivey on Wednesday announced important changes to her staff, as she transitions to a full term. As the governor moves forward in implementing her vision for the state, she believes these changes to her staff will be crucial to most effectively serve the people of Alabama.
Adam Thompson is being promoted to Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy. He joins Liz Filmore, who is serving as Deputy Chief of Staff for Administration. Having two deputy chiefs of staff will help to improve organization, structure and focus in the Office of the Governor. Thompson currently serves as the governor’s Appointments Director. In Thompson’s new capacity, his experience will be beneficial to the governor in executing her policy and legislative agendas. Both deputies will report to the Chief of Staff, Steve Pelham.
“Alabama is experiencing great momentum, and in my full term as governor, I plan to be ambitious in growing on our successes and tackling our challenges. My recent appointment of Jo Bonner to Senior Advisor, in addition to these staff changes, will be instrumental to best execute my vision for Alabama,” Governor Ivey said. “Everything we do in the Ivey Administration is a team effort, and I am very proud of that.”
Additionally, Catherine Gayle Thrash is being promoted to serve as Director of Appointments. Thrash currently serves as the governor’s Confidential Assistant. She also has managed judicial appointments since joining Governor Ivey’s staff and will continue to do so along with managing all appoints on behalf of the governor in this new role.
William Filmore, who currently serves as Legislative Liaison, will now take the role of Legislative Liaison and Director of Local Government Relations. In addition to his current responsibilities, Filmore will serve as Governor Ivey’s liaison for city and county governments.
“Adam, Liz, Catherine Gayle and William are valuable assets to my staff, and I look forward to continue working alongside them to better serve the state of Alabama,” Governor Ivey said.
These appointments are effective December 16, 2018.