Governor Ivey Issues Directives to Executive Agencies for Implementation of SAFE Council Recommendations

MONTGOMERY – Governor Kay Ivey on Wednesday issued a memorandum to executive branch agencies requesting the immediate implementation of recommendations five through ten contained within the SAFE Council Report released last week.
The memorandum was sent to the Alabama Department of Education, Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, Alabama Office of Information Technology, Alabama Department of Mental Health and the Alabama Community College System.
“The SAFE Council report is a great starting point, but we must take immediate action if we are to see any changes made. This is why I have requested specific information from these state agencies and have ordered that they implement the SAFE Council recommendations that do not require legislative action,” Governor Ivey said. “We will continue to work with the SAFE Council and local education agencies to gather information on needs regarding personnel and security infrastructure. Once those estimates are determined, we will work with legislative leadership to find the funding to ensure that our students can learn in the safest environment possible.”
Governor Ivey also requested the agencies provide additional information concerning recommendations one through four of the report with responses to specific questions regarding costs by June 16, 2018.
The Governor’s memorandum is available here.