Governor Ivey Supports Trump Administration Changes to Protect Religious Liberty

MONTGOMERY – Today, the Trump Administration announced two changes to Obama-era policies which limited a state’s ability to implement qualification standards for medical providers who receive Medicaid funds and which limited religious liberty. Alabama Governor Kay Ivey released the following statement in response to the announced changes.
“President Trump is following through on his promise to ease the burden of federal regulations on state Medicaid programs. By rolling back overreaching, Obama-era policies, states will be able to ensure that state Medicaid dollars are not paid to abortion providers. This is a big win for states to ensure that tax dollars are not used to fund abortion or abortion-related services.
“I am thankful that President Trump and his Administration will put a greater focus on investigating claims of religious discrimination. Religious liberty is a hallmark characteristic of our nation, and each American has the right not to just hold religious beliefs, but to act upon them. The First Amendment clearly protects our right to exercise our faith; I am proud that we now have a president who is willing to ensure these rights are protected.”