Governor Ivey Signs Sex Offender Reporting Bill

MONTGOMERY – Governor Kay Ivey, on Friday, May 26, 2017, signed into law Senate Bill 301, sponsored by Senator Vivian Figures.
“The most important duty of government is to keep our people safe. I proudly signed SB301, because it protects the vulnerable in our society by ensuring that reporting requirements for sex offenders are strict and enforced,” Governor Ivey said. “Our laws must keep up with changes in our technology.”
“I am thankful for the work of Senator Figures, all legislators, and Attorney General Steve Marshall in securing bipartisan passage of this important legislation,” Ivey added.
The intent behind SB301 is to bring Alabama’s criminal code up-to-date with observed trends in sexual misconduct, particularly when technology is involved. A total of five new criminal offenses are codified into law. The legislation also makes changes to the existing sex-offender laws to strengthen reporting requirements and it clarifies parts of the existing statute.
“This new law is an important step forward in updating our criminal code to combat new and troubling forms of sexual misconduct, many of which are made possible by evolving technology,” Senator Vivian Figures commented. “As sponsor of this legislation, I thank the Attorney General’s Office and the Office of Prosecution Services for their leadership in developing and promoting the proposal. I also thank Governor Ivey for signing the bill into law.”