Governor Ivey Praises Alabama Jobs Act, Canfield’s Successes

MONTGOMERY – Upon the passage of HB574, Governor Ivey released the following statement of support:
“Economic development is vital to this state. Since my first day in office I have supported the legislature’s effort to pass the Alabama Jobs Act because of the flexibility it gives us to attract more jobs to our state. I look forward to signing it into law.
“I also want to thank Commerce Secretary Greg Canfield for his work on the Alabama Jobs Act, and more importantly for all he does to encourage economic growth in Alabama.
“For many years, he has been instrumental in passing legislation which enables us to spur economic development and this bill has been no exception. I am glad to have a man of Greg’s caliber, experience and integrity in my cabinet; I am honored to call him a friend.
“As my administration moves forward in our quest to steady the ship of state and improve Alabama’s image, I am excited to have Secretary Canfield continuing as a valuable member of my team.”