Father’s Day

By the Governor of Alabama
WHEREAS, it is important to give appropriate recognition to past and present fathers for their unique and valuable role in the lives of their children and for providing the foundation for the healthy and social development of their families who are a vital interest in the future of Alabama; and
WHEREAS, it is appropriate to encourage future fathers to be mindful of the importance of their role in the day-to-day lives of their children, families and society; and
WHEREAS, fatherhood demands sacrifice, and it is often difficult work; but, being a dad does not require perfection. Fathers are examples of success and are the ones who constantly push their children toward it. And where their own fathers fell short, they have an obligation to rise up and do better with their own children; and
WHEREAS, fathers try to do everything possible to provide a healthy social environment for their children; and
WHEREAS, according to Alabama DHR, these children are, on average, more likely to be poor, to use drugs, to experience health, educational, emotional, and behavioral problems, to be victims of child abuse, and to engage in criminal behavior; and
WHEREAS, as we honor our fathers on Father’s Day, let us pledge to making concentrated steps to embrace our fathers and value our children’s need for a father in their daily lives; and
WHEREAS, on this Father’s Day, lets encourage fathers to recommit themselves to those duties that all parents share: to build a foundation for their children’s dreams, to give them the love and support they need to fulfill them, and to stick with them the whole way through, no matter what difficulties may arise:
NOW, THEREFORE, I, Kay Ivey, Governor of Alabama, do hereby proclaim June 18, 2017, as
Father’s Day
in the State of Alabama. All Alabamians are encouraged to recognize the important role fathers play and join together in observing this day with appropriate programs, ceremonies, and activities.
Given Under My Hand and the Great Seal of the Office of the Governor at the State Capitol in the City of Montgomery on the 31st day of May 2017.
Kay Ivey