Swearing-In Address

Swearing-In Address
Monday, April 10, 2017
Old Senate Chamber – Alabama State Capitol
Today is both a dark day for Alabama yet also one of opportunity. I ask for your help and patience as we together steady the ship of state and improve Alabama’s image. Those are my first priorities as your 54th Governor.
When I took the oath of office in 2011 and then again in 2015, I was prepared for this day but never desired or expected it. The people of Alabama should know that there will be no disruption in the function of your state government. I will soon meet with the current Finance Director, Cabinet members, and Constitutional officers to ensure a smooth changeover.
Although a transition in government between elections is rare, this is the third time in modern history this event has taken place in our state. And since Speaker Mac McCutcheon and Senate President Pro Tem Del Marsh are now next in the line of succession, I have spoken with both. Each voiced their full support.
Despite the challenges we face, today’s transition should be viewed as a positive reflection and opportunity. It is a demonstration of our successful practice of the rule of law and the principles of democracy.
Serving as your Governor and representing the State of Alabama is no small task. I pledge to each of you personally that I will do my best. The Ivey administration will be open, transparent, and honest. My commitment is to serve for the Glory of God and the good of man.
I humbly ask for your payers and your support, especially over the coming days and weeks. Let us use this opportunity to make Alabama even better and your government more effective.
May God continue to bless sweet home Alabama.