Governor Ivey Releases Statement Regarding the Death of Former House Speaker Joe McCorquodale

MONTGOMERY – Governor Kay Ivey released the following statement on Tuesday regarding the death of former Speaker McCorquodale:
“Many Alabamians are saddened to learn of the sudden death of Joe C. McCorquodale, former Speaker of the Alabama House of Representatives. I counted him as a friend, a mentor, and a colleague. Mr. Speaker was a man of principle who truly loved and served this state. When he hired me as the House Reading Clerk he gave me wise advice he said, ‘Never, ever lie. If you tell one lie, you’ll forget and will tell another. Soon you will be caught up in lies.’ I assured him I understood and would never do so. To this day his advice resonates with me.
Joe McCorquodale was a friend to many, including me. He set the bar high for principled and honest leadership for the state of Alabama. Thank you so much ‘Mr. Speaker’.”