Governor Ivey Announces Signing of Senate Bill 231 During Huntsville Speech

Governor Ivey Announces Signing of Senate Bill 231 During Huntsville Speech

HUNTSVILLE – Governor Kay Ivey during the Huntsville/Madison County Chamber’s Alabama Update before a crowd of over 1,000, announced she has signed Senate Bill 231, sponsored by Senator Arthur Orr and Representative Scott Stadthagen.

An excerpt from the governor’s speech:

When we think about what drives our success as a state, an industry that comes to mind is one of our crown jewel industries, automotive manufacturing.

Let me make something clear.

Alabama is not Michigan. Huntsville…..Tuscaloosa…they’re not Detroit!

While other automakers have closed plants and had layoffs, the OEMs here in Alabama have continued to grow and thrive.

As governor, it’s my priority to keep it that way.

This week in Tuscaloosa, we have a secret ballot taking place at the Mercedes plant. It is my hope that every worker there votes – it’s crucial that every voice is heard.

We want to ensure that Alabama values, not Detroit values, continue to define the future of this great state.

To further protect our Alabama jobs, this morning, I was proud to sign Senate Bill 231 into law.

This bill, brought forward by North Alabama’s own Senator Arthur Orr, will require any business that receives incentives to hold an election by secret ballot.

Y’all, this is only right so that every vote is counted. 

My message is clear: I am standing up for Alabamians and protecting our jobs.

We will not let this threat from Detroit deter our progress, deter our hope and deter our folks’ prosperity.

The law is effective immediately.

A photo from today’s event is attached.