Governor Ivey Signs Senate Bill 1, Bans Ballot Harvesting

Governor Ivey Signs Senate Bill 1, Bans Ballot Harvesting

MONTGOMERY – Governor Kay Ivey on Wednesday signed Senate Bill 1, sponsored by Sen. Garlan Gudger and Rep. Jamie Kiel, which will strengthen the fairness and integrity of Alabama elections. Upon signing the bill banning ballot harvesting, the governor issued the following statement:

“Here in Alabama, we are committed to ensuring our elections are free and fair. I commend Secretary of State Wes Allen, as well as members of the Alabama Legislature for making election security a priority, and I am proud to officially sign Senate Bill 1 into law. Under my watch, there will be no funny business in Alabama elections.” – Governor Kay Ivey

After the governor signed SB1, Alabama Secretary of State Wes Allen offered the following comment:

“Free and fair elections are the foundation of our constitutional republic. The passage of SB1 signals to ballot harvesters that Alabama votes are not for sale. The Alabama Legislature and Governor Ivey have made it clear that Alabama voters have the right to cast their own vote without undue influence.” – Secretary of State Wes Allen