Governor's Office Internship Program


The Governor's Office Internship Program is designed to provide insight to college students who want to learn more about the executive branch of state government. As an advocate for education and former school teacher, Governor Ivey understands that learning should not be limited to a classroom and that hands-on experience is necessary for students to be adequately prepared for the next step in their career journey.

Staff liaisons will provide assignments and special projects to interns in their respective areas of interest giving them a realistic overview of routine activity within a government office. Although interns are not directly assigned to the governor, every effort is made to give interns the opportunity to observe the governor’s public activities. This is mainly accomplished through having interns attend proclamation ceremonies and press events in which the governor is involved.

The internships are divided into two, six-week sessions. The first session will be held from May 11, 2020-June 19, 2020 with a deadline to apply by March 15, 2020. The second session will be held from June 22, 2020-July 31, 2020 with a deadline to apply by March 15, 2020. Hours of the internship are from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.


  • Appointments

    The Appointments Office assists the governor in selecting and appointing the most qualified applicants for vacancies in certain public offices. Expected intern duties are available here.

  • Communications

    The Communications Office is responsible for developing and maintaining an effective communication strategy for the governor. Expected intern duties are available here.

  • Policy

    The Policy Office is responsible for researching and developing policies that affect, or could affect, the state of Alabama. The office focuses on developing solutions to emerging and recurring issues. Expected intern duties are available here.

  • Governor’s Office of Education and Workforce Transformation

    The Governor’s Office of Education and Workforce Transformation (GOEWT) was established to implement Governor Ivey’s Strong Start, Strong Finish education initiative and workforce development strategic plan. Expected intern duties are available here.

  • Cabinet Agencies

    In the past, interns have had an opportunity to intern with one of the governor’s cabinet agencies such as the Department of Tourism, the Governor’s Office of Minority Affairs and the Department of Finance. If a candidate proves to be a good fit at a cabinet agency, the intern coordinator may pass the candidate’s application along to a specific office. For example, if there is a strong candidate looking to graduate with a Finance Major, the Intern Coordinator will offer the Finance Office the candidates resume and application. If the Finance Office would like the candidate to intern with their office, the internship dates would be the same as that of the Governor’s Internship Office. The intern or interns will be included on all projects and tours.


See what others had to say about the program.

"During this internship, I was able to see the internal workings of the press and their relationships with Governor Ivey. It was truly eye-opening to see firsthand everything that goes on in the State Capitol. I think my most treasured experience was meeting Governor Ivey. Seeing her in different settings and events reminded me that she is just like everyone else. Not only that, but she also taught me that anything you aspire to be is always possible with true dedication."

Brianna Duncan, Communications Office Intern

Communications Office intern, Brianna Duncan, goes behind-the-scenes as she observes the equipment setup process that takes place prior to filming a video of the governor.  (Governor's Office; Hannah Littleton, Intern)


Intern, Hannah Littleton, accompanies the Communications team to Birmingham, AL for the SHIPT expansion announcement. (Governor's Office; Hal Yeager)

"I couldn't have even dreamed of the opportunities that would stem from this internship nor could I have predicted forming such a powerful network of people in my field."

Hannah Littleton, Communications Office Intern

Students taking a tour of the Governor's Mansion. (Governor's Office, Hal Yeager)

"Interning in the Governor’s Office was very beneficial in providing a firsthand experience as to how the government runs on a state level. It also helped to connect me to many people involved in a variety of different government agencies."

Hearn Colmans, Appointments Office Intern


A group of interns return to the Capitol after taking a visit to the Alabama Department of Labor. (Governor's Office; Hannah Littleton, Intern)

"My time interning for the Governor’s Office has been wonderful! I was able to get a closer look at the functions of state government which has helped prepare me for my future career. I enjoyed meeting with and getting to know everyone who makes Alabama as great as it is. It was an experience that I will never forget."

Savanna Boyle, Administration Office Intern

Gov. Ivey and interns discussing their internship experience at the Governor's Mansion.                       (Governor's Office; Hal Yeager)

Frequently Asked Questions

Internship Application

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If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact:

Emily Moore
Intern Coordinator
Phone: (334) 242-3300

Pam Chesnutt
Law Clerk Coordinator
Phone: (334) 242-7120