Public Records Requests

Section 36-12-40, Ala. Code (1975), guarantees to Alabama citizens the right to inspect and copy public writings.  The Alabama Supreme Court defines public writings and public records as

All requests for public records requests in the Governor’s Office should be submitted using our official “Request to View Public Records” form. Submit it to us at the following address:

State of Alabama, Office of the Governor
600 Dexter Avenue, Room N-103
Montgomery, AL  36130
Fax: (334) 242-2335

Requests may also be sent by email:

Once the completed form is received, the Governor’s Legal Office will analyze and determine whether the requested information is held by the Governor’s Office and subject to disclosure. Once this preliminary determination has been made, the requestor will be provided with an estimated research cost. The calculation of the costs and payment requirements are outlined on the form noted above.