Office of the Governor of Alabama

Governor’s Staff

The Governor’s staff assists not just the Governor himself, but the people of Alabama as well. Please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our staff with any questions you may have.

*denotes members of Governor’s Leadership Team

Executive Office


Rachel Gandy

Assistant to the Governor

Jake Jacobs


Zach Lee*

Director of Federal & Local Government Affairs

Scheduling Office


Alexandra Rice

Director of Scheduling

Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy


Jon Barganier*

Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy

Suzanna Willis

Administrative Assistant to the Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy & Policy Advisor

Deputy Chief of Staff for Administration


Blake Hardwich*

Deputy Chief of Staff for Administration

Faye McCall

Administrative Assistant to the Deputy Chief of Staff for Administration

Appointments Office


Will Edwards

Director of Appointments

Patrick Bond

Assistant Director of Appointments

Communications Office


Jennifer Ardis*

Director of Communications

Yasamie August*

Press Secretary & NGA Coordinator

Jamie Martin

Director of Photography

Daniel Sparkman

Digital Media Coordinator

Jake Jacobs

Public Affairs Specialist

Legal Office


David Byrne*

Chief Legal Advisor

Carrie McCollum*

Deputy Legal Advisor

Franklin Johnson*

Deputy Legal Advisor

Stacey Smith

Extradition Coordinator

Pam Chesnutt

Executive Assistant to the Chief Legal Advisor

Vickie Mims

Executive Assistant to the Legal Office

Legislative Office


Derek Trotter*

Director of Legislative Affairs

Wesley Helton*

Deputy Director of Legislative Affairs - House Liaison

Jared White*

Deputy Director of Legislative Affairs - Senate Liaison

Michele Brown

Recording Secretary

Constituent Services Office


Pam Bye

Director of Constituent Services

Denise Randall

Constituent Services Specialist

Terri Trotman

Constituent Services Specialist

Stacey Lewis

Constituent Services Specialist

Policy Office


David White

Policy Advisor

Baker Allen

General Policy Advisor

Christian Becraft

Education Policy Advisor

Administration Office


Cheryl Fondon

Director of Administration

Becca Crawford

Chief Fiscal Officer

Cleve Hightower

Executive Branch IT Administrator

Governor's Mansion


James Camp

Mansion Complex Director

Christian Becraft

Director of Engagement and Outreach