Governor Bentley’s Remarks Announcing U.S. Senate Appointee


Welcome to the Alabama Department of Archives and History.

This is truly a remarkable time in the history of our state!

Today is only the 6th time in Alabama’s history that a Governor has appointed a U.S. Senator!

I am so proud that Senator Sessions was chosen by President Trump to serve as U.S Attorney General.

And I want to congratulate the former Alabama Senator on this monumental accomplishment!

He has served our state and our people with dignity and has been a bright example for conservative values.

I have spoken with Jeff several times throughout this process, not only to congratulate him, but to also ensure there is a seamless transition between his departure and the naming of the next Alabama U.S. Senator.

I have had the honor of spending several hours interviewing some of this state’s finest public servants, and I have one of them standing right here with me.

Let me tell you why I chose Luther Strange as the next Alabama U.S. Senator.

Luther and I have a long history, not only did we campaign together before coming into office in 2011, but we also joined forces to work on the historic BP Oil Spill Settlement in 2015.

Luther played a tremendous role in helping the state secure $1 billion dollars from the economic damages suffered, as well as approximately $1.3 billion that will be used to facilitate coastal restoration projects in Alabama.

Luther and I both agree the federal government should not intrude on state’s rights and during the Obama Administration we teamed up to fight back on several issues, such as Photo Voter ID and Planned Parenthood.

As the state’s chief law enforcement official, Luther represented and defended the interests of the State, and I know he will do the same as U.S. Senator, because he cares for the great state of Alabama just as much as I do!

I said from the very beginning I was looking for an appointee who shares conservative values and will work to further the agenda of President Trump, all while keeping Alabama first!

I also wanted someone who will uphold the Constitution, value the rights of the Second Amendment, the rights of the states, support pro-life issues, implement a strong national security policy and support domestic job creation.

I am confident that Luther Strange possess all those qualities.

You all will hear from Luther in just a moment, but now I want to explain what happens next in this Senate appointment process.

Following this news conference, I am flying to D.C. to personally hand deliver Luther Strange appointments certificate to the U.S Senate Office of Public Records.

After the appointment certificate is received and verified, in D.C., Luther will officially be sworn in this afternoon so he can get to work.

Now I will sign his ceremonial appointment certificate.

Thank you all for attending this historic event at the Alabama Department of Archives and History!