Governor Bentley Responds to President Trump’s Joint Address

MONTGOMERY – Governor Robert Bentley on Tuesday released a statement regarding President Trump’s joint address before Congress. The full statement is below:

“President Trump delivered an inspirational address tonight to the American people that was both encouraging and effective. President Trump directly addressed in practical terms solutions to problems that have challenged our people for decades. And our President offered the right encouragement to spur us onward to meet our issues head on.

I want to personally thank President Trump for his gracious time meeting with myself and governors across our great country this week. I am especially encouraged by his commitment he spoke of in tonight’s address to allow Governors and their states the flexibility to solve problems such as accessible and affordable healthcare.

That is a breath of fresh air to hear for Governors such as myself who have dealt with overreaching federal restrictions, unfunded mandates and job-killing policies for years.

Americans should know after hearing tonight’s address, we have a President who is clearly a friend to all of our citizens and all of our states.”