Governor Bentley’s Remarks at the Remington Jobs Announcement


Remington, Welcome to Huntsville!

Twenty-four states made offers to entice you to their state. I know many of them made good offers for this great company. But you chose Alabama. One of the states in the running was Texas. Yesterday afternoon I received a call from my good friend Governor Rick Perry who said Congratulations to Alabama, and how he wished you were coming to Texas, but since you are not he said you were coming to a great state!

What makes Alabama a perfect fit for Remington? First we presently have and will continue to have a very pro-business environment. We also have a cooperative spirit for economic recruitment in this state that you can see here today where state and local entities work closely together.

Alabama is a very Conservative state, one that believes strongly in the Rights given to us in our Constitution. Two particular parts of this great document are the 10th Amendment that gives us power as states and the 2nd Amendment that guarantees everyone’s Right to arm themselves. With that Right comes the enjoyment of so many in this state, of moms and dads who teach their boys and girls the sport of Hunting.

We also are a state that honors and respects our military. We serve our country in large numbers by being members of the active military, Reserves and National Guard. Almost 9-percent of the people in our state are Veterans, when only 1-percent of Americans serve in the military.

So Remington, this is why you will be welcomes in Alabama.

And why will you prosper in our great state? You will prosper because the people we will train and the ones you will hire will be the best workers you will find anywhere in the world.

So Mr. Kollitides, thank you for the investment Remington is making in Alabama. Today is the beginning of a long partnership between my state and your company. I have a small token of appreciation that I would like to give you. This Great Seal will always remind you of the day you came to Sweet Home Alabama.